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Welcome to Louisiana History Day 
Monroe Regional Competition

Louisiana History Day is an annual competition that encourages students to explore local, state, national, or world history by investigating and presenting on a topic of their choice. Students work either individually or in groups to create a Documentary, Exhibit, Paper, Performance, or Website. 

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Louisiana History Day is a program of The National WWII Museum,
Official Louisiana affiliate of National History Day.

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Student's Main Page

March 16, 2019: Monroe Regional Competition
Chennault Aviation and Military Musem

Scholarship Opportunities: 

There are educational travel scholarships reserved for Louisiana History Day students* who compete at the state competition.  This year, several scholarships are avalible to Normandy Academy, the Museums student travel program to Normandy, France.

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*Juniors and Seniors who compete at the State competition of Louisiana NHD. 

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March 16, 2019: Monroe Regional Competition
Chennault Aviation and Military Museum


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